Our Motors Vehicle Repair Services

We take on the smallest jobs like changing light bulbs to the largest jobs which could be an engine rebuild and anything in between. All work is carried out in a very friendly atmosphere by a fully trained technician to the highest standards and we are fully insured.


Panel Beating

Our Motor Vehicle Panel Beating Repairs

We are experts in car bodywork panel beating repair. We can repair car bodywork so that previous damage is invisible. Our experience in the area of car bodywork panel beating means we find efficient solutions to the most difficult car bodywork panel beating problems. This means our car bodywork panel beating repair prices are competitive.


Body Repair

To Look and Feel As Good as New

We are very aware that taking your car to a garage can be a very daunting and expensive experience. We at Bethel Motors offer an honest and down to earth service to help remove any worries you may have, with price plans to suit most budgets.We endeavor to do our very best and will go above and beyond to help our customers, as a happy customer is a repeat customer. So if you need car repairs in Bethel Motors and are looking for a car come give us a try and let us impress you! In order to execute a paintless dent repair, our technicians access the back of the dent and use specialized tools designed for dent removal.


Mechanical Problems

Routine Mechanical Repair Services

At Bethel Motors, we are a full service auto repair shop specializing in all makes and models, both Asian, European and American. From regularly scheduled maintenance to complex repairs, we can do it all. Our auto mechanics are all qualified, so relax, your vehicle is in the hands of a professional. We at Bethel Motors, we are still that "local service garage" that is focused on providing exceptional "one-on-one" personal care and service to our customers.


Paint Work

Painting Work

Bethel takes paint seriously. We take all precautions to make sure that each vehicle entering our booths precisely matches its original finish and color. All Service King painters are professionally trained and properly certified. Plus, we provide our painters with top quality refinishing products that are globally recognized and used by the best auto professionals in the industry.

We ensure quality

Many believe painting your vehicle is a simple, one-step process, but it's actually an intricate procedure that requires precision, expertise, professional training, and exactitude. From extensive, complete body paint jobs to individual panels, our technicians understand exactly how to assess and execute the paint job with accuracy.



Professional Buffing Services

Protect your vehicle, new or old, the whole year round with our premium Optiguard Paint Protection Program. Keep your car looking brand new without breaking the bank! Our trained operators will advise you on the correct treatment of your vehicle's exterior surfaces. No swirls or damage to your paint with our special polishing equipment. We have professional polishing machines and products to service all makes of cars. Our prices start from Ksh. 5000 and if you have any questions, please don't hesitate contact us.

Why Choose Us

Just Quick reasons why you should choose Bethel Motors East Africa any day to sell you next car or do routine checkups and repair are clear. But a few down below:

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