Fabrication Stages that ensures Quality

There are many stages that we go through to ensure stablilty, quality and durabilty. Every stage is essential. So we always adhere to this as a code of conduct and it enables us to deliver beyond our clients expectation.

1. Chassis Received

Inspection Upon Arrival

A lot of small body parts of a chasis gets lost a long the way some times and some times minor damages can cause deformations that impedes quick and easy body and chasis integration. So a quick inspection saves us a lot time by reporting this matter for a quick replacement.

4. Isuzu Chassis

Carefully considered visual and technical aspects

From the moment your passengers are wowed to step on board. Just one quick look in the beautifully designed passenger area is enough to see that the journey ahead will be relaxed and comfortable. The interior fittings and equipment create a coordinated and modern look, ensuring a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

2. Frame Structure

Structure that integrates easily

A lot of careful balancing act goes into creation of the body foundation. Because if anything goes wrong at this point we end up with lots of waisted resources, energy and money. So this has to be right the first time as if it is easy. We have never gone wrong. Not even once

5. Wiring & Testing

Detailed and Seamless Wiring

We check and confirm that our work has not interfered with normal working of the in built wiring during the process of fabrication. We also try to make sure that there is not part that protrudes or hungs in a way that can endager anybody's life thereafter.

3. Body Erection

We create a strong body structure

We aim at a strong light and strong body. From our structure to frames we choose our use of metal types gauges carefully. The end result is as good as our and the client's specification only always surpassing client's expectations every time we do our craft.

6. Paint Work

We use the best paint, & man

To deliver the best, we use the paint quality in the market and professional gun spray painters. Start from well done undercoat and then double spray before applying the finish for a better look. We believe strong design is not enough if the finishing is not good.

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